Russian Art Week returns for the bi-annual event which takes place every June and November. From Christie’s to Sotheby’s and Bonhams to MacDougall’s, renowned auction houses collaborate to present a miscellany of contemporary and traditional Russian paintings in London.

The week developed from Russian Art and Culture, a niche blog, founded by Theodora Clarke. The blog was initiated as a fun project due to her passion for Russian art and has now grown into the most popular online forum for articles and news on Russian art, related exhibitions and cultural events in the UK. Theodora was first inspired to launch the blog following her successful ‘Cultural Exchange: Russia and the West’ conference at the University of Bristol in 2011 and by 2012 had launched the official bi-annual guide to Russian Art Week.

Amongst the diversity of extraordinary talent in Russian Art Week, exhibitions include ‘Alexander Bogomazov: Master of Cubo-Futurism’ and ‘Eugene Brimmerberg: New Works’. Quintessentially Events are delighted that the doors to ‘Russian Peoples, Costumes and Traditions through European Eyes’at Shapero Rare Brooks in Mayfair have opened today. This exhibition will explore how Europeans have perceived Russia, including its people, dress and traditions, through a focused exhibition of exceptional visual records and foreign accounts from the 17th to 19th century – a considerable contrast from modern Regent Street fashion.

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