On Monday 4th of July at the London Wonderground at Southbank, Quintessentially Foundation and Stephen Daldry will be hosting an evening of entertainment with world class performers such as Tom Odell and Steve Coogan to help raise money and awareness for an inspiring cause. As well as entertainment from around the world, guests will be told the inspiring stories of some of the refugees through their own performances, allowing guests to truly understand life in the camps as well as learn more about the different cultures and beliefs within.

Good Chance introduced a theatre in the Jungle refugee camp in Calais last year, which gave refugees the chance to express themselves through the arts. Giving these people the opportunity to channel their experiences, frustrations and emotions into powerful forms of art. This not only allowed people to understand more what it is like to be a refugee in today’s turmoil but also allowed these refugees to enjoy themselves in a time of uncertainty and fear. Michael Morpurgo said how this chance to perform made “life more bearable” as it gave the refugees the chance to escape, bringing happiness and fun in camps where there is little food, water or shelter.

After much success, Good Chance are hoping to extend their support of artistic expression to more refugee camps throughout Europe, giving a voice to those who have been silenced by war and fear. This amazing collaboration between Quintessentially Foundation and Stephen Daldry will ensure that this unique and exciting evening of entertainment and fun will raise much needed funding for Good Chance so that they can continue their tireless work.

One night of hope will become one of many for thousands of people.

To book tickets for this amazing evening, please follow the below link: