Founded in 2005, our events team of passionate and talented event producers led by Anabel Fielding and Caroline Villamizar Duque, work tirelessly to ensure delivery and attention to detail that is second to none. Over the years, Quintessentially Events has developed a world-class events offering with a reputation for producing highly creative and immaculately executed events and experiences for the world’s most distinguished brands and clients. With an unrivalled international network that includes limited access locations, exceptional talents and exclusive suppliers, our events team is highly sought after to produce events that are creative, seamless and spectacular. Anabel was recently interviewed for BBC Business Live where she was invited to speak about how Quintessentially Events service their clients all over the world. From private birthday parties for 4 year olds to brand launches in Nigeria, Quintessentially not only cater to the top 5% of the world’s wealth but also corporations wanting to engage guests with their brand.

One aspect of event managing Anabel discusses is that of making client’s requests a reality while managing challenging circumstances such as remote locations, language barriers and poor local suppliers. A recent example of this can be seen in Amsterdam where we produced a three-day birthday celebration for a lucky client. We were able to have a pontoon built on a lake where a stunning ghost ship was projected onto the water. This majestic piece of art looked unbelievably realistic floating on the water providing a breath-taking spectacle for guests to enjoy. Our team endeavour to make each event bespoke and unforgettable to a highly-polished finish using forward thinking and original creative concepts.

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