The days of basking in the summer sun are behind us. In sweeps the chilly breeze and bronze autumnal leaves, which brings one thought to the forefront our minds. Halloween. The celebration of choice is often a big party filled with terrifying dance-offs, plump pumpkins and outrageous prosthetics, but Quintessentially are going to treat you to another trick this year. The Elegant Halloween Dinner Party. Here are the Quintessentially Events Team’s top tips to hosting the most horrific (-ly amazing) evening.

Décor: Pastels and Pumpkins

Black plastic tinsel and orange buckets are a thing of old. This year, fill your home with pretty pastel decorations that create an air of elegance whilst keeping in tune with the Halloween season.

pastelcollage Décor: Matte is Back

 If the pastels don’t woo your boo this year you can still stay on trend this season. Put a spin on the classic Halloween blacks by adding some matte-finished elements to your center-pieces.

BlackmattecollageFlowers: Pumpkin Pots

Compact arrangements are Quintessentially’s top pick for this Hallows Eve so complete your dinner table with a gorgeous flower piece inside a scrubbed-up pumpkin. Choose your colours to match your pastels or your mattes and tie the evening together perfectly.


 Recipe Idea: Squid Ink Spaghetti with Crispy Tarragon and Pumpkin

 With your table decorated to perfection, it’s time to treat your taste buds too. 2017 has seen a dramatic increase in popularity for squid ink, and it just so happens to make for the perfect addition to your Halloween menu. Show your guests that you are on trend…and that you can cook.

Get the link to Anna Barnett’s recipe in Vogue here.


 The Favour: Cast your spell and leave your guests with a little bit of magic.

 It will always go down a treat when you leave your dinner party guests with a parting favour. Honey roasted pumpkin seeds, baby pumpkin candle holders and mini toffee apples are all on Quintessentially’s top favour list.

favors collage

With our Events team’s top five must-haves, you are sure to amaze your guests. So ditch the dancing shoes this year and pull out your best dinner party ‘A’ game. Throw in some hilarious themed competitions to match the food and the decorations to create the best Quintessentially Halloween dinner party.

Contact our events team to help plan your Spooktacular evening.