Sustainability and Veganism

The subject of sustainability is becoming ever more prevalent in society and will begin to take greater effect on events this year. The aim to remain as eco-friendly as possible is shaping the way in which event planners work with clients to dress their productions. 2018 will see more contractors being sourced locally, whether for catering, furnishing, set building or anything alike. Whilst it is common knowledge that locally sourcing your food is eco-friendly, doing the same with suppliers will also help to reduce your carbon footprint in the lead up to events.

There are multiple ways to continue this theme of sustainability throughout your event, whether this be serving drinks in reusable flasks that your guests can take home, or serving vegan-only options when they dine. ‘Every little helps’ when it comes to being eco-friendly and the Quintessentially Events team are working to develop new and exciting ways to push their events in a greener direction this year.

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Experiential Catering

Creating a memorable experience is the most important way to impress your guests. Innovative ways of utilising catering (whether vegan or not) is one aspect that is going to take flight in 2018. Rather than serving bowl food or trolleying out trays of canapes, have your guests step up to the plate and make their own pasta in a giant cheese wheel, employ a chef to show your delegates how to pull mozzarella or to create fudge or host blind tastings and cooking short courses right inside your conference. See how Kayter Co use food stations to immerse their guests in coconut-making heaven here.

Instagrammable food is bigger than ever and 2018 is your time to join the trend, so if a giant cheese wheel doesn’t suit the style of your event, try a food wall – macaroons, pretzels, cupcakes of all colours. These experiential elements are an assured way to keep your guests on their toes and to make your event stick at the forefront of their minds.


Immersive Conferences

Experiential catering won’t be the only immersive aspect at events this year. Whilst it is common for private parties already, 2018 will see conferences focus more on the creative aspects of their events. Bringing together decoration, catering, audience participation, artificial intelligence and audience participation, corporations will begin to make the move away from lectures and seminar halls, towards immersive, conversation-starting themes. A bigger emphasis on an exciting environment is another way to make your company stand out against the crowd.



Artificial Intelligence is becoming more complex with every day that passes. Quintessentially believe that 2018 will see events utilizing AI, not only to create excitement but to also ease the tasks at hand. Imagine this; Chatbots will be able to answer guest questions, they will register and monitor participants as they enter the venue, they may even aid the networking process by using delegate data to recommend people or areas that guests should approach. Pepper is the first live example of an emotion-registering Robot, see how he can aid events here. As AI develops, Event Managers will be able to explore these possibilities more and more, adding yet another movement to the list of exciting trends coming in 2018.


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