One of the biggest trends of the year for events will be the use of drones. A perfect example of this was Lady Gaga’s Super bowl half time show where over 300 drones were used to light up the night sky creating stars. This performance proved how drones will soon be everywhere, showing the impact they are capable of achieving – soon to be a must have for all events, both private and corporate. As well as lighting, below is a list of 5 ways drones can make an impact on your event.


Drones could make the perfect mojito and serve it to your guests, saving queues at the bar while creating a fun and fascinating element to your event.

drones 6


The technology is constantly developing, improving year on year. 2016 saw the first drone delivery made (even though it was only a couple of meters), showing a new use of drones will soon become more common. Drones could be used to deliver guests their invites, giving guests a taste of what to expect from your event.

drones 2


Another great way of incorporating drones into an event is that of photography. Drones can capture shots humans are incapable of achieving, giving guests a different view of the event or producing more unique footage for guests and hosts to enjoy after the event. These shots would be great collateral for brands to use to promote their company.

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Drones can be used to interact with each other in a dance performance as well as light displays. Smoke canisters or glitter dispensers can be attached to drones to create a breath-taking visual display. Another way of creating entertainment from drones is that of racing them. For the competitive guests, a race course could be created for guests to race drones on above guests’ heads, giving the event another dimension in an exciting way.

drones 1


As previously said, drones are a great way of seeing an event from all angles where humans wouldn’t be able to access. If you’re hosting an extremely exclusive event, drones could be used to monitor the venue, ensuring only those on the guest list enter and ensuring the safety of all your guests.

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