It seems as though the festivities began extra early this year, which means that you’ll need to pull out all of the stops to keep the Christmas spirit alive for longer. Have no fear. Long gone are the days of the dull Christmas gatherings, long gone are the days of awkward small talk, and long gone are the days of over-sweetened mulled wine. Here at Quintessentially we have some top tips to spice up your Christmas party and keep those spirits raised.

Quintessentially Tip Number 1: Rock a New Colour Scheme

It’s time to switch it up. Red and silver is a beautifully classic scheme, but it may not stand out against your neighbours. Why not introduce a new colour scheme and ‘wow’ your guests at your Christmas Do. Rose Gold and Emerald Green baubles are sure to dazzle in a warm mix of deep hues broken up by glinting sparkles.


Quintessentially Tip Number 2: Have a New Tipple Under the Tree

Take a little step away from solely serving mulled wine at your party by adding classic cocktails with a twist to the menu. Mix up delicious Baileys Chocolatinis to create warming aperitifs which are sure to leave you feeling merry. Have these served by mixologists dressed in sharp suits which co-ordinate with your deep emerald baubles and tie the evening together beautifully.

xmas drinks

Quintessentially Tip Number 3: Dinner Party Dressings

The Quintessentially Events Team pride themselves on the details of each table setting that they create. Whether you are having a dinner party or a cocktail reception, the finishing touches are often the most important ones. This year, have fresh acorns, berries and petals adorn your tables. Real bouquets in rose gold vases and petals sprinkled delicately along the center. Intermittently lay candles amongst the scatterings to bring the setting alive. Once again, choose these to fit with your new colour scheme.

xmas decor

Quintessentially Tip Number 4: Get Gingerbready

Finding different and exciting activities can be tricky in the ploy to set your party aside from the rest. In either your kitchen or your venue, create a station and surround it with climbing vines laced with candy canes and fairy lights. Hold a gingerbread house bake-off here where groups can grab a tartan apron and put on their best game faces. For smaller parties you could bake the biscuits from scratch, for the larger parties just do the icing – the most creative wins! Appoint judges and have festive prizes at the ready!

xmas ginger

Quintessentially Tip Number 5: A Festive Farewell

Christmas is a time for giving presents and creating lasting memories so leave your guests with a very personal parting favour. Quintessentially suggest gifting each person a personalized bauble, delicately etched with their name or a sentence describing your favourite memory of them.  They will be filled with fond memories each year as they hang this on their Christmas Trees.

xmas balls

If you would like to find out more about how Quintessentially can help you achieve this level of detail at your Christmas party, please contact Serena Dodd at

Merry Christmas!