And the Oscar goes to…

Quintessentially have helped plan some amazing themed events for both corporate and private clients. Nothing gets guests in the mood for celebration more than a theme they can really embrace.

With it being awards season at the moment, a great theme is an Oscars inspired party. It could be that you want to host twenty of your closest friends for a live screening of the Oscars (airing on the 26th February) where guests have to dress red carpet ready. Or it could be an 18th birthday party where guests have to dress as their favourite film character. Celebrating a birthday with an amazing theme such as the Oscars will bring guests from all ages together, creating a great atmosphere. Guests could walk a red carpet into the party with “paparazzi” at the end to make each guest feel like a star or there could be look-a-like actors to interact with guests and take photos with. A themed party allows the design and décor to really come alive in all aspects of the celebration. Our design team have created some stunning Hollywood themed parties in the past, making every guest feel like a celebrity and bringing a venue to life.