It may be common knowledge that a simple green leaf can brighten-up even the dingiest of corners, but plants also serve a multitude of other functions where event spaces are concerned. At Quintessentially, our Events Team is well versed in the transformative powers of foliage, flora and fauna and today’s post will show you how you could use the magic of a dash of greenery.

Make a Large Room Feel Intimate

Sometimes a venue can feel too big, with a cavernous open space and walls that reach up to the heavens. One way in which Quintessentially solve this is by draping flowers, placing potted ferns, creating a plant ceiling or a vertical garden. This is a great way to close in a space and to produce a more intimate atmosphere without losing scale.

Section Off the Space

Get creative with the way in which you divide up your break-out groups or exhibition stands by using large foliage installations. This is a much more exciting (and a much better looking) way of splitting up a space, so wave goodbye to those dull grey Foamex flats!

Give Your Guests a Present that Grows with Time

Avoid run-of-the-mill gifting at your event and leave your guests with a lasting memory by giving them a plant-based favour. This can be anything from a potted succulent to a bag of seeds. Not only do these items last longer, but they also reinforce your eco-friendly status as a company or as an individual. The pots and packets can be branded with your logo and a message to give that personalised edge that we event people just love.

Set the Scene (and the Table)

Centre pieces do not have to involve candelabras larger than the average person, nor do they have to feature bouquets bursting with bright orange chrysanthemums (although there is nothing wrong with a bright orange chrysanthemum). A lovely way to create a table setting is by scaling back the foliage and placing vines or greenery in glass jars and metallic vases. Quintessentially find this particularly effective at corporate events, as the simple decorations do not deter from the surrounding action.

Edible Flowers and Botanical Drinks

The plant-based elements don’t have to stop at the decoration of your event. Branch out into the catering and add a touch of MasterChef finesse to the presentation of your dishes and drinks. The use of edible flowers and botanicals is both an aesthetically pleasing and a creative way to bring nature into your production. Plus, who doesn’t love a lavender sprig in their G&T?

The Quintessentially Events Team love creating innovative ways to utilise plants and foliage at their events. If you would like to find out more about our Event Management services, or if you need help with an event, please contact Toby Davis at