At Quintessentially Events, our 3-month internships are fast-paced, fun and fully rewarding. Over 30% of our team started their careers as interns, moving on to permanent roles and developing their skill set within the company. In order to shed some more light on our programme, we have conducted an interview with our current roster of interns to bring you the inside scoop on life as an Event Assistant at Quintessentially.

What is the best event that you have worked on so far and why?
From breath-taking, luxury weddings to global summits across continents, Quintessentially encourages interns to hit the ground running. We believe that the best way to learn is by diving in and gaining experience on site, hence why all of our Events Assistants see projects through from start to finish.

“I really enjoyed working for the Journalism Project in Perugia, Italy. As I am an Italian speaker, I could help my colleagues in the communication with suppliers and that was very rewarding. I worked on the event from start to finish, helping with all of the elements and learning so much from the get-go!” – Francesca, 24.

“The best event I have worked on so far was a client’s ‘carnival’ themed 40th Birthday Party. My Line Manager, Jess Seal, gave me the responsibility of putting together the client presentation which included the venue search, design ideas and activities. I loved using my own creativity to put the mood boards together as well as grasping a new understanding for contacting venues and suppliers.” – Danielle, 23.


What has been the most challenging moment at Quintessentially?
In a fast-paced environment like ours, there will always be tricky elements and obstacles to overcome. This becomes a part of the growth and teaching of our interns, ultimately producing stronger Event Managers in the long-term.

“Language barriers (when searching for suppliers in Italy and Germany etc.) can be tough. Thankfully, 90% of the time, someone within Quintessentially will speak that specific language and help you. So, everything works out eventually because we come together as a team and help one another out.” – Stephanie, 26.

“Managing to fit myself and 4 6ft palm trees into a London black cab was definitely a moment I won’t forget!” – Heather, 23.


How has Quintessentially shaped you?
The outcome of an internship at Quintessentially can amount to so much more than you first expect. Whilst aiming to shape your career, the programme also has the power to harness mental and personal growth.

“From the time I walked into Q, the corporate culture I have seen and felt within the event’s team is wonderful. Every single person has had so much patience and time for when I needed help and I felt as if I was a team member from the get-go. My team members have entrusted me to complete tasks to the Quintessentially standard and have offered constructive criticism where needed, always leaving me feeling more confident in myself when taking on forthcoming tasks.” – Danielle, 23.

“Quintessentially has given me the opportunity to prove myself within the events industry. I am now 100% confident that I want to unfold my career in the Event Management world.” – Francesca, 24.


What is the best thing about the office culture at Quintessentially and why?
Taking that first step into a brand-new office can be scary, if not terrifying. Like the first day of school, you are unsure what to expect. Here at Quintessentially, we pride ourselves on our family culture and quickly show our new starters that there is nothing to worry about.

“The team at Quintessentially are very warm and welcoming. There is a real sense of friendship as well as professional relationships amongst most colleagues. It’s great that the team can find humour in certain situations and always have a positive attitude.” – Jasmine, 23.

“Friday Fizz! On Fridays, we have Friday fizz which gives you an opportunity to mingle with the other departments and form great relationships. Quintessentially London is quite a large office with more than 250 employees, but Friday Fizz brings us all together. Plus, you’ll often see the office turn into doggie-day-care on a Friday – I am in love with them all!” – Stephanie, 26.

How has Quintessentially boosted your career prospects?
Whether our interns come to us with or without experience in events, we are committed to helping them prosper in their careers. Each task will teach an Event Assistant something new, allowing them to develop their skills with the support of their Line Manager.

“Being one of the key leaders and giants in this industry, working for Quintessentially gives you a considerable amount of credibility. Quintessentially prepares you for working on top line events and has given me experience with high profile clients, which is invaluable.” – Jasmine Navazesh, 23.

“Quintessentially has helped me to understand that I would like to continue to pursue a career in the events sector. I have also realised I am very interested in the organisation of private events, that is a sector where I didn’t have any past experience before joining Quintessentially.” – Danielle, 23.


What advice would you give to candidates applying for an internship at Quintessentially?
From our current interns to our future interns, here is the metaphorical ‘baton’ being handed over:

“Be prepared to see the un-glamourous side of events, lots of moving boxes, building furniture and packing suitcases!” – Heather, 23.

“Be yourself and enjoy the journey! Everyone is so friendly and there is a real family feel at Quintessentially, so you are always in safe hands.” – Ksenia, 23.


If you are interested in applying for our 3-month internship programme, or if you would simply like to find out more, please email Thank you!

With a big thanks to our lovely interns for taking part in this interview.